Jane Eyre-along

Time to get over our Bronte issues.

10 August 2006

Running late - intro

Hi guys, I'm Kate, and I'm an English major who's never read any Bronte. (Well, I was an English major a long time ago; now I'm a librarian and a law student.) It was all-Austen, all the time for me. :)

I've just finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books, so Jane Eyre is a bit of a mental switch. I'm reading my brother's copy (a Norton Critical Edition) that his wife also used in college, so it's interesting to get the marginal notes from both of them. (Apparently there's a lot of Rousseau going on...)

I'm on Chapter 5 right now; I'm hoping to be caught up with the Plan by next Friday. I'm sure I'll have something to say before then, tho.


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