Jane Eyre-along

Time to get over our Bronte issues.

02 August 2006

M's intro

I will go by M. I sort of like the web habit of referring to people by a letter, and well I'm more comfortable sharing just that much of my name (sigh, the day a co-worker informed me that he googled my name and was wondering if I was aware of what was out there).

I finally picked up a copy of Jane Eyre from my public library (plus I started using a netLibrary version, but I am really all about curling up with a book so that wasn't a good solution). I'm on chapter 4 now and am slowly getting into it.

I've been told I should read Jane Eyre a couple times, but after a bad incident with Wuthering Heights I've been avoiding it. So this read-along seemed like a good idea, plus I'd never done a read-along before. I didn't know it was compared to Rebecca (or did I), wow I remember loving Rebecca.


Blogger Gigi said...

Even though I had read and loved Jane Eyre, I found Wuthering Heights a real struggle also. I had a hard time keeping the male characters straight!

7:43 PM  
Anonymous kat with a k said...

I read about half of Wuthering Heights, but I had trouble keeping the characters straight too! Maybe we can do that together next...

8:11 AM  

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