Jane Eyre-along

Time to get over our Bronte issues.

02 August 2006


I'll start my introduction with a question for everyone: what are aficionados/addicts/fanatics of Jane Eyre called? Janeites is usually reserved for Jane Austen, I believe...any ideas? While we ponder that, I'll tell you that I'm Courtney: wife, mother of a month-old son, and school librarian. I first read and fell in love with Jane Eyre in high school when I found a very old copy, with a neat cover (I'll try to find a picture) and very musty smell at a used bookstore in Cooperstown, NY. I know own three copies of it, including a Norton Critical Edition (Hi Kat with a K!) that I'm actually never read, so I should this time. I'm trying to track down an unabridged version on CD as my hands are often full, but my library system doesn't own one! As a result, I'm may not always be totally on top of the reading, but I'll do my best. Well, that's enough writing for now, time to get reading! It's a pleasure to get to "meet" all of you and I look forward to chatting.


Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Welcome Courtney! I don't know of a word for Jane Eyre fans. I wonder if there was one used in The Eyre Affair?

8:10 AM  

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