Jane Eyre-along

Time to get over our Bronte issues.

31 July 2006

Hello Eyre-Alongers

I'm jessie. I've never read Jane Eyre, although I've long meant to. In fact, I somehow managed to get an English Literature degree without ever having read Jane Eyre the whole way through. I've tried several times, most recently because my mother in law said I had to read it (which probably made me more resistant to reading it if you want to know the truth).
I hope I make it through this time. I know I will enjoy reading it along with you all!


Okay, those few of you who voted seemed to go for blocks of chapters, and for finishing by the end of August for those of you who want to count it for my SRP. So! Here is a rough schedule; remember that you don't HAVE to read this quickly. Don't talk about chapters before their given date, but go ahead and talk about them afterward as much as you'd like.

August 4: Chapters 1-7

August 11: Chapters 8-15

August 18: Chapters 16-23

August 25: Chapters 24-31

August 31: Chapters 32-38

That's roughly even, with the first and last being a bit shorter because those aren't full weeks. I'm not sure why I picked Fridays... it just seemed to make the most sense somehow.

So! This means that we can start talking about the book on Friday! Until then, why don't we get to know each other a bit? When you have time, post a little about yourself, whether you've read Jane Eyre before, and why you decided to participate or what you hope to get out of it. Thanks!

25 July 2006


I've been giving it some thought, and it seems like the easiest way to make a "schedule" might be to have a list of dates after which certain parts of the book can be discussed. This way, everyone will have some time to read before seeing spoilers, but people will be able to jump in later or read more slowly if they want to without feeling like we've moved on without them. So, say, we won't discuss Chapter 6 until such-and-such a date, but that doesn't mean that after that date, we're not allowed to talk about chapters 1-5. Does this sound reasonable to everyone?

The main question I have in figuring out these date benchmarks is how quickly you all want to read. There are 38 chapters, and chapters 1, 2, and 38 appear to be particularly short. If we added a chapter every three days, say, it would take between three and four months. That seems a little long. Alternatively, we could add a block of chapters each week. Thoughts?

24 July 2006


Yay, people are joining! A few quick thoughts:

1. I'll look at my copy tonight and come up with a few ideas for schedules that we can vote on, but if you have any ideas, let me know.

2. I'm going to put a list of members and links to personal blogs (where applicable) in the sidebar. Let me know what link you want used.

3. I was thinking that to make things interesting, we can also discuss other related topics - the movie adaptations, other works of the Brontes, The Eyre Affair, etc. And keep your eyes open for interesting related links to post!

4. Does anyone want to be a co-administrator of the blog? Let me know.

Leave any of the above in the comments, or e-mail me.


Welcome to the Jane Eyre-along! More information coming soon. If you'd like to read and post along with us, e-mail Kat for an invitation.